Intellectual Capital

The main goal of the scientific and technical work is to ensure competitiveness of the products and safety of production and operation.


Main provisions of scientific and technical activities of TVEL Fuel Company:

  • improvement of nuclear fuel properties, and properties and production technologies;
  • design and technological development of Separation- Sublimation Complex;
  • innovative activities in the non-nuclear industry.

Scientific and technical activities of the Company are focused on:

  • ROSATOM State Corporation Program for Innovative Development and Technological Modernization for the period up to 2020;
  • Long-Term Program "Nuclear Fuel and Effective Fuel Cycles at Russian NPPs for 2012-2016 and to 2020".


Services and products of FE NFC form the basis of subsidiaries’ activities of TVEL Fuel Company (more than 85% of revenue following the results 2016) and that is why innovative activities in nuclear industry are essential to ensure long-term competitiveness and sustainability of the Company.

Investments into R&D by TVEL JSC, RUB mln. [i]


Main R&D issues:

  • design and improvement of nuclear fuel and reactor cores of Russian design (primarily VVER-1000/1200/1300);
  • increased burnup fraction of unloaded fuel;
  • increased service life of FA, improved operating efficiency of nuclear fuel;
  • оproving FA operating efficiency under the conditions of the increased capacity of power units (for VVER- 1000 to 107% from Nnom) subject to safety assurance;
  • creation of new types of gas centrifuges;
  • optimization of TVS-K design for Western reactors (PWR);
  • design of nuclear fuel for low-capacity nuclear power stations, floating power units of research reactors, and new cores for nuclear-powered icebreaker (NPIB).

Results of Implementation of the Project “Moving towards Zero Failure” in 2016


  • Was developed by TVEL Fuel Company for operation in 3 and 4 loop reactors PWR.
  • Design was adopted from operating experience of VVER- 1000 reactors.
  • Thermal performance corresponds to the level of FE of modern design.
  • Low radiation growth of cladding material.
  • Alloy is based on zirconium sponge.
  • Rigid frame with spacer grids attached to guide channels.
  • Anti-debris filters are integrated in bottom nozzle.
  • Within the Project “Zero Failure” it was noted twofold decrease in number of leaking FA revealed in 2016 on 28 power units of Russian, Czech, Bulgarian and Ukrainian NPPs with VVER-1000 reactors, as compared to 2015.
  • The analysis of design processes of the Russian nuclear fuel by the experts of Russian, Czech, Bulgarian and Ukrainian operators, made with the designers of nuclear fuel for NPPs with VVER-1000, proved no connection of “design factors” with the known cases of NF failure at NPP.
  • Results of factor analysis of the processes of nuclear fuel production for NPP with VVER-1000 by TVEL JSC enterprises, revealed no system production factors that may cause FA failure.

Results of activities on improvement of nuclear fuel properties and manufacturing processes in 2016

Design and introduction of nuclear fuel and cores for Russian power reactors

  • Start of operation of the first power unit of NPP-2006 project — unit 1 of Novovoronezh NPP-2 (city of Novovoronezh). The power unit reached full production.
  • Completion of the state expertise of the project of TVSA-12 introduction for Kozloduy NPP (Bulgaria). In 2016, start of operation of new fuel on the unit 6.
  • Temelin NPP (Czech Republic) started operation of the improved assembly TVSA-T mod.1 (optimization of spring cartridge, support grid and first spacer grid).
  • Completion of pilot production of TVS-2M with anti-debris filter (ADF). Approval of the certificate of transfer of TVS-2M with anti-debris filter to fullscale commercial operation.
  • Production and supply to the Kolsk NPP of the batch of third generation fuel assemblies (RK-3) with the purpose to expand the pilot operation.
  • Acceptance testing of REMIX-fuel pellets, fuel elements and CEFA intended for operation at Balakovo NPP. Start of operation of CEFA as a component of the core. Successful pilot supply of FA with REMIX-fuel to Balakovo NPP.
  • Acquisition of three patents in the field of equipment for separation plant and structure of fuel assemblies for VVER-1000.
  • There was elaborated and approved the “Decision on choice following the test results of the final unified design of ADF-2 for TVS-2M and TVSA-PLUS”.
  • SGChE JSC made experimental fuel assemblies (EFA) with dense nitride fuel for fast neutrons reactors. EFA were sent to Beloyarsk NPP for reactor research and after preliminary operations were installed in the BN-600 reactor core.

Design of nuclear fuel for lowcapacity nuclear power stations, research reactors and nuclear-powered icebreakers

  • Acceptance testing of FA MR with LEU-fuel for “Maria” research reactor in Poland.
  • Resource tests of 2 experimental FA IRT-3M with low-enriched uraniummolybdenum fuel were carried out in MIR research reactor.
  • Acceptance testing of the first core 14–15–1 for nuclear-powered icebreaker 22220 with RU RITM-200.

Results of implementation of the project “Creation of new types of gas centrifuges” in 2016

  • Design of more efficient gas centrifuge of new generation was approved by the acceptance board of TVEL Fuel Company and recommended for batch production.

Plans for nuclear fuel design and improvement in 2017:

Introduction of the improved and new nuclear fuel and cores of NPP with VVER- 1000/1200/1300 and VVER-440 reactors

  • Development of justification for operation of the cores VVER-1000 with TVS-2M with mixing grid at the capacity level 107%.
  • Implementation of R&D program on computational-experimental justification of the cores VVER- 1200 and VVER-TOI (safety limits, radioactive GFP, controllability, etc.).
  • Development of TVS02996 design with the improved thermomechanical characteristics (including without fuel assembly fixation in support grid).
  • Preparation of materials for justification of pilot production of TVS- 4 on Unit 3 of Rostov NPP.
  • Implementation of the “Program of experimental and design-theoretical research for justification of dry storage of new type FA”.
  • Post-irradiation studies of reference TVS-2M VVER-1000 No.434407433 operated up to a burn-up of 51.17 MW day/kg U, and neutron-absorbing rod No.081527 with poison pellet after operation for 2.5 year in automatic control mode on Unit 4 of Balakovo NPP.
  • Introduction of vibration-proof RK with fuel of regenerated uranium on Unit 4 of Novovoronezh NPP and Unit 1 of Kolsk NPP.
  • Development and justification of the improved mode of capacity limitation of reactor facility of Unit 3 of Kolsk NPP based on control of the local parameters of the core, equipped with jackets.
  • Completion of the pilot operation of the third generation cartridges on power unit 4 of Kolsk NPP within seven years. Development of documentation to justify the expansion of pilot production of the third generation cartridges and implementation of control on the local parameters. Decision preparation on possibility of full make-up on Unit 4 of Kolsk NPP.

Development of nuclear fuel for Western reactors (PWR)

  • Study of TVS-K within the program of pilot production on the Power Unit 3 of Ringhals NPP.
  • Development in cooperation with the American companies of supporting materials to ensure pilot production of fuel assemblies TVS-K in USA.
  • Certification of ТУК ТК-С69 to comply with NRC requirements.
  • Development of equipment for inspection of TVS-K in NPP conditions.

Development of fuel for fast reactors FN-600 and FN-800

  • Implementation of R&D programs, developed and approved by ROSATOM.
  • Increased fuel life of FN reactors.
  • Formation of FN-800 core with full loading with MOX-fuel.

RUB mln
Investments into R&D by TVEL JSC in 2016


Collaboration between Bulgarian nuclear plant and TVEL Fuel Company is a huge mutually beneficial background strengthened by years of accident-free service. High production practices, automation, product quality control of TVEL JSC enterprises — all this supports our reliable cooperation.

Ivan Andreev

Deputy CEO at Kozloduy NPP (Bulgaria)


“Proryv” Project

img_04__012 targets_07.gif

The Strategic Investment Project “Proryv” (“Breakthrough”) of ROSATOM State Corporation is carried out under the Federal Target Program “Nuclear power technologies of a new generation for 2010–2015 and for the future till 2020“; it is aimed at creation of the closed nuclear fuel cycle that allows generating energy without irradiated fuel disposal problems. Within the project SGChE JSC creates pilot demonstration energy complex.

PDEC includes the fabrication/ refabrication module (FRM), power unit with BREST-OD-300 reactor facility, and SNF BREST-OD-300 reprocessing module, including the facilities to handle high-activity wastes from reprocessing module (RM), fabrication/ refabrication modules and reactor facility BREST-OD-300.

FRM is intended for production of mixed nitride uranium plutonium fuel for start load and reload of the BREST- ОD-300 reactor. Spent mixed nitride uranium plutonium fuel is transferred to the SNF SNF RM for extraction of 99.9% of nuclear materials which will be used for MNUP fuel production. Construction of three facilities — FRM, BREST-OD-300 and SNF RM — will provide the opportunity to master the technology and demonstrate the closure of the nuclear fuel cycle; no other country has ever managed to do this. It is planned to create more than 1,200 jobs at the PDEC.

At the present, more than 50% of construction and installation works are completed on FRM, the work construction documentation for the main process equipment has already been developed, and main process equipment of the module is under construction.

Project documentation for the reactor facility BREST-OD-300 is approved, construction is scheduled for 2018.

In 2016 there was issued the project documentation for construction of the module for spent nuclear fuel reprocessing, the project was reviewed by internal experts.

Main results 2016:

  • Completion of the work on the project documentation for FRM.
  • Изготовлены и приняты шесть участков основного технологического оборудования МФР.
  • 6 sites of main process equipment for FRM were prepared and accepted.
  • 69.5 thousand m3 of walls and overlaps were constructed, more than 2.5 thousand tons of metalworks were mounted, more than 10 km of roads were built.
  • The refining test facility of SGChE JSC was used to check the process flows of SNF reprocessing with application of nuclear materials and fission products simulator.
  • SGChE JSC successfully completed the works on production of experimental FA within the “Comprehensive program of computational-experimental justification of the mixed nitride fuel”. In 2016 there were manufactured 4 experimental TVS for testing in FN- 600 reactor of Beloyarsk NPP.
  • There was suggested the project on establishment of the Center of competences in research and development of technology solutions for production and reprocessing of MNUP-fuel for fabrication/refabrication modules and PDEC reprocessing module.

Total amount of investments in construction of PDEC objects in 2016 made nearly RUB 4 billion.


Development of non-nuclear business is one of priority tasks set by ROSATOM to the enterprises of nuclear industry.

The basis used for determination of new businesses development is as follows: competences accumulated for the years of nuclear production development, and availability of highly skilled personnel.

It is also important that new products manufactured at the newly established productions must be in demand on out-of-the-industry markets, new for TVEL Fuel Company, outside the limits of nuclear fuel cycle. This is ensured due to application of modern and efficient technologies, obtained owing to successful work in the traditional nuclear field.

Development of non-nuclear business is a real opportunity to employ personnel dismissed due to optimization of main nuclear production to ensure social stability in the regions of presence.

Moreover, new businesses mean additional revenue, and consequently additional budget revenue that may be allocated to address different issues in the regions of presence of TVEL Fuel Company.

By establishing new high-technology business, TVEL Fuel Company addresses the range of inter-related issues. New technologies in nuclear production provide advantages in technological process, in particular: increase of equipment capacity, rise of degree of automation. All this results in reduction of workforce requirements in nuclear production.

Innovative Areas of New Businesses Development

Center of Technological Competencies “Polymeric Composite Materials”

In 2016 there was established the Center of technological competencies “Polymeric Composite Materials” at Centrotech SPA LLC Main task of the Center, that represents new innovative line in development and production of future-oriented non-nuclear products, is development and production of high-technology articles out of polymeric composite materials that are in demand by the enterprises of oil and gas industry, civil aircraft and aeroengine-building sectors.

The offered technologies may be used to substitute heavy metal structures with modern structures of polymeric composite materials, comparable in terms of strength, and sometimes even out-performing the articles made of metal. Polymeric composite materials are more durable, are not prone to corrosion, lightweighted, which means they are easy to install and more efficient in use.

Specialists of the center developed the design documentation for the number of articles, in particular, for production of major units for gas transmission stations. Prospect for further development of the Center is stipulated by SPA strategy; this, along with mastering of new technologies, will create in future additional hightech jobs with increase of production output.

Additive Technologies

In 2015 UEIP JSC became the winner of the contest organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, and secured the status of the industrial partner in activity aimed at creation of the first Russian plant of layer-by-layer powder synthesis (metal 3D printer) together with RPA CNIITMASH JSC. The projected cost of the homeproduced printer will be by 20–30% lower than that of foreign printers.

UEIP JSC together with the enterprises of Novouralsk industrial cluster of TVEL Fuel Company plans to implement within the consortium the project on creation of the first Russian plant of layer-by-layer powder synthesis and organization of production of special granulated powder materials.

Possibilities offered by 3D-technologies:

  • manufacturing of products of any configuration and form, with complex inner structure (inside passages, etc,);
  • considerable weight-saving (by 50% and more, due to removal of passive sections);
  • material saving (use of more than 95% material, while the conventional machine processing provides for use of less than 30% of material);
  • savings in production mastering (twofold reduced lead time);
  • savings in labor costs (labor intensity is reduced 3–8 times);
  • creation of the articles with unique and improved technical parameters;
  • unique combination of materials (creation of composite using materials that cannot be interfused by any other way, ceramics-metal, etc.).

Potential consumers of 3D-printer


Results 2016:

  • Start of work on design and production of the pilot model.

Plans 2017:

  • establishment of production of granulated powder materials for metal 3D-printers;
  • completion of design, development and production of the pilot model of the home-made metal powder 3D printer.



To create the stems of hip joint endoprosthesis, VNIINM JSC and TREK-E Composite LLC apply own technology of blank production out of high-quality Russian titanium manufactured by TVEL JSC, this provides reliability and physiological compatibility of medical articles.

Russian endoprosthesises with variable porosity titanium coating developed and manufactured by VNIINM JSC ensure reliable osteointegration, and guarantee new quality of life for the patients.

By establishing ready-to-operate large scale production of endoprosthesises TVEL Fuel Company makes it possible to bring down the price without loss of the product quality. This will make surgeries affordable and take the standards of healthcare in the field of traumatology and orthopedics to the level of the advanced countries.


Under the project of Trifluoromethanesulphonic acid anhydride (substance used in production of pharmaceutical drugs and in fine organic synthesis), AECC JSC performed works on reactivation of former production with capacity 22.2 tons/ year. By now the integrated testing of the process unit is completed, within the testing there was produced the qualification batch of products (1,000 kg) for attestation with European customers and arrangement of future market entry.

Sorbent Agents

AECC JSC develops the project on establishment of sorbent agents production. Based on technology developed by NIIgrafit JSC, sectoral research institute of ROSATOM, it is planned to establish production of special carbon-based sorbent agents for purification and separation of gases.

Raw materials made by AECC JSC were applied to produce first samples of products with qualitative characteristics compared to the level of their foreign alternatives, but at lower prices. Such benefit is ensured by application of innovative solution in the field of foamed materials formation and also due to application of the base of the raw material widespread in the project location region.

Launch of production is scheduled for 2019, projected revenue under the project is more than RUB 100 million annually.

Mini Oil Refinery

Production of catalysts opened one more direction — production of mini refineries, where such catalysts are applied. TVEL Fuel Company intends to involve the competences of its subsidiaries, and offers “ready-tooperate” services: development and production of equipment, installation, service maintenance, catalysts supply, etc. Analysis and study of this market are currently underway, and then the decision will be made concerning launch of production.

Prospective lines of development of AECC JSC

AECC JSC is the base for the number of new investment projects: establishment of production of lithium hydroxide, silicon carbide, production of SF6 gas with application of new fluorinating agents.

All these lines are considered prospective.

SF6 gas is used for production of modern power supply equipment (converters, connectors, etc.), in demand on nuclear power stations.

Lithium hydroxide is widely applied in production of cells and accumulators, and the market of chemical energy sources is a fastgrowing market.

Silicon carbide is actively applied in metallurgy for production of abrasive materials, and in solar power it serves as a base for diodes production.

Lithium-ion Cells

Implementation of the pilot project at the enterprises of ROSATOM proved technical and economic efficiency of introduction of Li-ion cells on the interfactory transport.

Centrotech SPA LLC offers the bundled service on transition of the interfactory transport to lithium-ion energy storage systems.

Lithium-ion energy storage systems of various purposes

Set of Li-ion cells

Battery management system (BMS)

Rectifier charger / inverter

Monitoring and management system

Electrochemical Generators on the Fuel Cells

The works are underway at Centrotech SPA LLC to establish production of application-specific electrochemical generators on alkaline fuel cells. The leading scientific institutions of the Russian Federation with involvement of Novouralsk site are engaged in development of technology of electrochemical generators on solid oxide fuel cells for the facilities of distribution generation.

The electrochemical generators are characterized by efficiency, minimum maintenance, and high reliability.

Potential consumers: Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, aerospace, aircraft industries.

Results 2016:

  • production and life tests of the pilot sample of electrochemical generator on solid oxide fuel cells for cathodic protection station (the assured resource is 10 thousand hours);
  • production and tests of the brassboard of application-specific electrochemical generator on alkaline fuel cells.

items of intellectual property are owned by TVEL FC as of the end of 2016



TVEL Fuel Company owns 1,836 items of intellectual property as of the end of 2016. Among the objects protected by the law there are inventions, utility models, production secrets (knowhow), software for electronic computing machines, databases, trademarks and industrial designs.

In 2016 VNIINM JSC patented the environmentally-friendly method of ceramics brittleness elimination.

The invention is referred to the process of production of hightemperature materials that can be applied in production of ceramic pipes for FA claddings, and other units of fuel assemblies.

With the invention it is possible to eliminate the main weak point of the products made of ceramics — its brittleness. Besides, the production is considered as environmentally-friendly due to application of chlorine-free components.

The System for identification and legal protection of intellectual property created by the Company’s enterprises is operated in accordance with the applicable laws of the Russian Federation, Standard Industry Methodological Recommendations and by local regulations.

Functions of identification and legal protection of the items of intellectual property are assigned to the Patent and Licensing Department of TVEL JSC, as well as to technical departments, development design offices, intellectual property protection teams and patentinformation departments of the Company’s enterprises.

In 2016 there were registered 104 intellectual property items.

Number of registered inventions, utility models, industrial designs and production secrets (know-how)

Items of intellectual property 2014 2015 2016
Russian Inventions 52 53 40
Foreign Inventions 4 3 2
Russian Utility Models 9 6 1
Foreign Utility Models 0 1 0
Russian Industrial Designs 0 0 0
Foreign Industrial Designs 0 0 0
Production Secrets (Know-How) 83 96 61

Number of applications for inventions, utility models, software and databases, production secrets (know-how)

Application 2014 2015 2016
Applications for inventions: Russian 54 34 30
Applications for inventions: foreign 2 7 12
Applications for utility models: Russian 7 3 7
Applications for utility models: foreign 0 1 0
Applications for software and databases: Russian 57 18 8
Applications for software and databases: foreign 0 0 0
Applications for production secrets (know-how) 76 92 9

As of December 31, 2016 TVEL Fuel Company owns 44 patents of foreign countries (countries of the European Union, USA, Japan, etc.) for items of intellectual activity.


Modernization and Technical Upgrade of Research and Development Complex

The essential condition for innovative development of the science and technology complex of the Fuel Company is continuous improvement and modernization of scientific and technical infrastructure.

Modernization and development of infrastructure is performed within the framework of the projects of technical upgrade of the enterprises comprising the complex and in accordance with Federal Target Program “New Age Nuclear Energy Technologies 2010–2015 and through 2020”.

In 2016 the Government of the Russian Federation approved the list of scientific organizations with the status of state research centers (SRC) of the Russian Federation. VNIINM JSC was also included in the list.

SRC status is assigned following the results of competitive and expert selection to a scientific organization that holds experimental equipment, has highly qualified specialists, and whose scientific and technological activity is internationally recognized.

SRC status supposes priority processing of developments of VNIINM JSC, applications to participate in tenders of the Ministry of Science and Education. SRC status offers advantages to the specialists of the company, including to R&D activity, for a period of three years.

Under the investment project of technical re-equipment in 2016 there was acquired state of the art research and process equipment that will allow to carry out research activity at high technological level and to address the issues more effectively. In particular, technical upgrade will allow to increase the level of safe operation of equipment, engineering systems and to increase the performance on contractual obligations associated with improved technical parameters and upgraded equipment of scientific and engineering units.

In CATU Seversk the master program will be opened to train the specialists under the sectorial “Proryv” Project.

In 2016 Seversk Institute of Technology received the license of the Federal Education and Science Supervision Service to carry out educational activity under the master program “Nuclear Physics and Technology”.

The master program will provide training of high qualification specialists of the enterprises of ROSATOM State Corporation, and primarily for the project "Proryv", implemented at SGChE JSC.

Personnel Training

Annually the workers of TVEL Fuel Company take part in the international and Russian scientific conferences, seminars and exhibitions, besides, within execution of foreign trade contracts, the Company’s specialists visit foreign firms and scientific centers.

VNIINM JSC provides training of research and scientific-pedagogical personnel (on-the-job training) in accordance with the license to educational activities.

In order to develop scientific competencies of young specialists and to adjust the specialist training programs to the demands of TVEL Fuel Company, VNIINM JSC organized the work of the branch of department 9 of National Research Nuclear University MEPhI on the adjusted training programs in the following disciplines: “Construction materials of nuclear reactors”, “Special issues of material science”, “Science of superconducting materials”.

For more efficient training of the students:

  • the leading specialists of the organization (candidates and doctors of sciences) are involved in the training;
  • teaching aids are prepared;
  • time-schedule of classroom studies (lectures and practical trainings) and laboratory classes are worked out;
  • control is maintained over the training process, including preparation of the course papers.

For detailed information on the personnel training please refer to the Section “HR Development”.

Involvement of Universities in Implementation of Investment Projects

VNIINM JSC carries out R&D in cooperation with the leading educational institutions: D.I. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, I. Kant Baltic Federal University, National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University, etc.

Amount of investment for R&D in higher education institutions was RUB 15 million.


RUB mln
amount of investment for R&D in higher education institutions


With the view to increase the efficiency and optimize business processes, TVEL Fuel Company uses upto- date information technologies (IT) and solutions.

Department of Information Technologies develops and introduces new information systems in accordance with Information Technologies Transformation Program of ROSATOM, and with due regard to the needs of TVEL JSC Management in compliance with the development plans of TVEL Fuel Company.

Results 2016:

Approval of IT-strategy 2030 of TVEL Fuel Company

Successful completion of the rollout projects of the Standard for resource planning system for TVEL Fuel Company’s enterprises on SAP ERP base in “Industrial Innovations” JSC and in MZP JSC.

Introduction of SAP ERP FC in these enterprises allowed:

  • reduction of decision-making time due to reduction of information receipt time;
  • increase of information reliability degree;
  • decrease of risks of errors and negative impact of human factor;
  • operating activity standardization;
  • unification and optimization of business-processes;
  • formation of the single data base for all management levels (Enterprise — TVEL JSC — ROSATOM).

In addition to the results of the rollout project SAP ERP FC, into the system of “Industrial Innovations” JSC there was also transferred the centralized TVEL FC logistics solution — the integrated procurement management process, from a yearly plan of procurements to a contract with application of the encrypted and certified digital signature for approval of procurement documents. Access to this functionality allowed to reduce labor costs for applications handling, to increase data quality, and to reduce cost of the process maintenance.

Successful implementation of the project of synchronization of contract data between the unified industrial records system and the enterprise resource planning system (SAP ERP FC) allowed to reduce labor costs associated with double entry of the contract data, and to reduce number of errors made during manual data entry.

Successful completion of the project “Introduction of the automated control system for design engineering preproduction” in Tochmash JSC. The system was put into operation in October, 2016.

Implementation of this project allowed:

  • to pass from hard copies of design and engineering documentation to electronic versions;
  • to execute development, approval, registration and storage of design and engineering documentation in electronic format;
  • electronic interchange of design and engineering documentation between remote subdivisions of Tochmash VPA JSC, approval via digital signature using the adjusted workflow processes;
  • possibility of electronic interaction of Tochmash VPA JSC with other enterprises within the single information space for engineering information management of the enterprises included in ACS DEP of TVEL Fuel Company;
  • possibility of enhanced and efficient processes of design and engineering planning in development, modernization and launching into manufacture of new and improved products of the enterprise.

Integration of ACS DEP and SAP ERP FC (Centrotech SPA LLC, KMZ JSC) with regard to the products structure and maintenance chart; this allowed to reduce the time required to generate reference information in "Production management".

Arrangement of the legal exchange of technical documentation (FA design documents) in electronic form between MSZ JSC and OKB Gidropress JSC - the enterprise of the related division of ROSATOM. This allowed to move away from exchange of hard copies of documents (via Russian post), to reduce the time requiredfor approval of changes in design documentation.

Implementation of the pilot project of introduction of the Integrated Design Management System at CPTI JSC, that allowed:

  • to increase efficiency and quality of project management;
  • to reduce prime cost and increase quality of design activity;
  • to apply optimal design and process solutions in the projects;
  • to reduce volume of follow-up revision of project documentation.

Start-up of the monitoring system of non-investment activities of TVEL Fuel Company's enterprises; the system enables control over non-investment activities planning and plan-fact analysis of their implementation.

Introduction of this system allowed:

  • formation of the single base of non-investment activities for the whole TVEL Fuel Company;
  • considerable reduction of labor costs for tracking and control of non-investment activity;
  • reduction of decision-making time due to reduction of information receipt time.

Completion of conceptual design within the industry-specific project of legally valid electronic document management.

Rolling out the analytical system of decision making powered by Qlikview - "System of monitoring and analysis of the Fuel Company performance", where the KPI dashboards are implemented. This analytical system allowed reduction of time of decision-making due to reduction of information receipt time, and increase of degree of information reliability.

ChMP JSC successfully completed the project "Introduction of laboratory information system in ChMP JSC". The system was transferred to full-scale commercial operation.

Introduction of the system will allow:

  • to optimize man-loading in laboratory control processes due to application of the automated planning tools;
  • to reduce losses resulted from defects, due to application of static tools for monitoring the product quality;
  • to reduce production lead time due to involvement of all laboratories of the enterprise into the unified information system;
  • to reduce time spent by the laboratory workers for identification and handling the test results, to reduce error probability during laboratory control;
  • to speed up the process of data and laboratory control results transfer to the users of structural subdivisions of the enterprise;
  • to reduce labor costs of laboratory personnel connected with regular reporting on quality data, and to eliminate backup report forms.

Planned economic benefit from introduction of the system is RUB 11.8 mln. Actual benefit will be calculated in a year after start of commercial operation, in May 2017.

The portal Bitrix24 (groups work, task management, information interchange, communication (instant messaging, video, group chat)) is deployed and made available to all enterprises.

Enterprises of TVEL Fuel Company were connected to the Corporate Phone Networks of ROSATOM; this allowed to reduce expenses on national long-distance calls, and to increase the level of comfort and communication.

Completion of the project of the base infrastructure services system in TVEL JSC, MSZ JSC, UEIP JSC, ChMP JSC, SGChE JSC, UGCMP LLC, CPTI JSC (Novosibirsk and Seversk department) with regard to rollout of the Unified directory service and the Corporate e-mail.

Following the project results: increase of operational comfort of information systems due to application of a single account and password in all local and centralized information systems.

Completion of modernization of the automated system for protection of information system of TVEL JSC, receipt of the certificate in IT security (class 1G) and personal data security (level 4).

ОTransition of the workers of TVEL Fuel Company to MobileSputnik (WorksPad) in accordance with the requirements of IT security of ROSATOM.

Plans 2017 and in the midterm

  • creation of the system for planning/ modelling/prediction (including business-planning, mid-term planning);
  • creation of budgeting system (rolling planning, division-enterprise);
  • creation of data warehouse of TVEL Fuel Company;
  • implementation of the program of projects and activities on development of ACS DEP of TVEL Fuel Company;
  • creation of the system of experimental and engineering data management of VNIINM JSC;
  • development of the Integrated Design Management System at CPTI JSC;
  • introduction of the base functionality of MES;
  • introduction of the laboratory information system;
  • introduction of the system for client relationship management;
  • creation of the system for capital construction management;
  • pilot introduction of the system for planning and optimization of logistic flows;
  • implementation of the project of legally valid electronic document management on the enterprises of TVEL Fuel Company.
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With TVEL Fuel Company of ROSATOM we have established long-standing and fruitful business relations. For our company TVEL is the major partner delivering reliable and safe nuclear fuel. Today we work on efficiency increase of the utilized nuclear fuel assemblies. Based on the long-term experience, I can responsibly tell: for many years of cooperation the Slovak experts had no negative reviews on quality of the Russian fuel. I can’t even imagine a situation when we stop cooperation with TVEL Fuel Company.

Bohumil Kratochvil
General Director JSC Slovenské elektrárne


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